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Discover a world of possibilities as we strive to make education accessible for all, fostering growth and development.

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Discover the comprehensive features that Schooler offers to enhance your learning experience.

AI Counsellors

Experience personalized guidance and support from AI-powered counsellors to help you excel in your academic journey.

Resource Libraries

Access a vast collection of learning materials curated by educators to aid your studies and exploration.

Large Dataset of Events & Internships

Explore a comprehensive dataset of events & internships to stay informed about educational opportunities and activities.

Chat Groups

Connect with teachers and peers through interactive chat groups to discuss and collaborate on various topics.

Progress Reports

Track your progress and achievements through detailed and informative progress reports.

AI-Generated Quizzes

Challenge yourself with AI-generated quizzes that adapt to your learning level and provide valuable insights.


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I am a very old user of Schooler. My age is 54. Schooler App is easy for me. Buttons are big, I can see. Little unsafe sometime sometime. Okay Okay

Pratyaksh Kwatra

Aarav Rai

User, Schooler

Schooler has revolutionized the way we approach education. As a founder, I am proud to have created a platform that empowers students to learn, connect, and excel in a personalized and supportive environment.

Pratyaksh Kwatra

Pratyaksh Kwatra

Founder, Schooler

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